About us


JP SIMON INTERNATIONAL – Reach the world on one finger away. Restart Solar Magazine (RSM) is the first based Solar Magazine presenting authentic Indian Solar media. Attended by more than 10000 subscribers, 100 exhibitors, RSM will provide you the best experience of the door to door Solar marketing.

Our Method
At JPSI we aim to achieve and embrace diversity and balance in all forms. Our philosophy is focused on the spirit of 3 major principles: Vision – Culture – Agility. We believe that sharing and bringing this work culture to life is just as important as the company’s strategy. It helps us cooperate, communicate, and celebrate one another while being surrounded by talent.

Our art
Our strong start-up culture is driven by the energy and personality of the company and its leaders. Their vision is one of a successful and innovative workplace where everyone can develop personally and professionally. Using agility methodology, a logical evolution of a model way of thinking, we adapt to our constantly changing and flexible environment. We encourage middle management to take on the role of a coach. Together, we focus less on hierarchy and more on what is important: teamwork, productivity, and service.

Our Mission
At JPSI, we help everyone with a B2B project make the right purchasing decision. We offer them carefully organized information by selecting quality products and suppliers from around the world. Day after day, our incentive is to help businesses carry out their projects. A lack of quality information will never again be an obstacle to their success.