RSM | 12-06-2021 | News for the day

SOLAR AC: Summer is hot. On the other hand, when the monsoon season arrives, the heat is very high. In such a situation the demand for air conditioner (AC) is increasing. One brand ACs are available in the market. Some are cheap, some are expensive. But the question is about the electricity bill. With this in mind people are looking at AC alternatives. One option would be solar AC. It is clear that it can walk from solar panels. This saves on the electricity bill. Solar air conditioner is also known as solar AC. It is an AC running on solar power. Also known as a hybrid solar air conditioner. Because it runs on its own power as well as electricity. If there is no sunlight you can use it with the help of electricity. It also runs on a special type of AC battery pack charged with solar energy.

In three modes ..
The specialty of this AC is the 5 star rating. This means that solar power, power consumption is very low. This AC including solar panels is selling at very affordable prices. Its function is similar to that of an AC running on electricity. It cools like an AC running on electricity. The only difference is the power mode. It runs entirely on solar powered energy. Electrically powered ACs only run from the power grid. Hybrid ACs run through three modes simultaneously. The first is solar power, the second is the solar battery bank, and the third is the power grid. Speaking of price, the price of 1 tonne split solar air conditioner is Rs.99000. At the same time the price of 1.5 tons of solar AC is 139000, which includes solar panels, solar inverters, all related

According to the June 2021 updated list .. Solar ACs come in two ranges. One in 99000, the other in 139000. First class AC consumes 1500 watts of power. Second class AC consumes 2500 watts of power. If your room size is 80-120 square feet you can buy 1 ton of AC. 1 ton of AC has very special properties. If you want to install 1 ton AC you must know its features. This type of AC warranty comes with a 5 year warranty and solar panels with a 25 year warranty. The 1.5 ton AC also has similar features.