PUBLISHED ON AUG 23, 2021 09:47 AM RSM

Solar Scheme: Are you installing solar on the house .. The center is giving subsidy .. Find out the full details about this scheme ..

The central government is offering incentives to use natural resources to reduce pollution. Under this, the Solar Roof Top scheme is being implemented by the government across the country. Under this, solar panels are installed on the roofs of consumer homes. So that they can use electricity. This will reduce their electricity bill. The scheme is being implemented by the state power distribution companies. The power companies are making several efforts to get more people to join the scheme. A similar effort is being made by the Madhya Pradesh Energy Department, which has decided to celebrate the Amrit Mahotsav on the 23rd and 24th to inform the public about the scheme in Madhya Pradesh and to create awareness among the people about solar roof tops.

Solar Roof Top Amrit Mahotsav
Under the new Ministry of Renewable Energy, Government of India and the Ministry of Energy, Madhya Pradesh. Central Zone Electricity Distribution Company Bhopal, East Zone Power Distribution Company Jabalpur, West Zone Power Distribution Company Indore will celebrate Amrut Mahotsav on 23rd and 24th August to create awareness about solar roof top. During the festival, programs, seminars and camps will be organized by three distribution companies in the state for public awareness among consumers for solar rooftops.

More than 150 camps will be set up in Bhopal and other cities in Madhya Pradesh to educate the people of the state about the scheme. The camps are organized by Group Housing Societies and Residential Welfare Associations in various cities. Nearly 32 campuses have been targeted in the city of Bhopal, where camps are to be set up under the Solar Roof Top Scheme. On this occasion, a public awareness camp will also be organized on August 24 at IAS Guest House, Char Imley.

Solar roof benefits
Under the Solar Roof Top Scheme, solar panels can be installed on the roof of your home or on the housing society. Its biggest advantage is that it saves on the electricity bill. Panels do not deteriorate for 25 years. So whatever capital is needed to set it up, it will be repaid in four to five years. After this, for the next 20 years, consumers will be provided with free electricity. There will also be no power cut problem. If solar energy is green energy, it does not cause pollution. The environment takes advantage of it.

Government subsidy
Under the Solar Panel Scheme by the Government of India through the new Ministry of Renewable Energy, consumers will be subsidized to install solar panels. 40 per cent subsidy for setting up of plants with a capacity of 3 kW and 20 per cent subsidy for 3 kW to 10 kW capacity.

How much is the price
Maximum up to 1 kW 3 kW: 37000 per kWh

Up to 3 kW -10 kW: 39800 / – per KW

Up to 10 kW -100 kW: 36500 / – per KW

Up to 100 kW -500 kW: 34900 / – per KW

Subsidy is also included in this amount. For 3 kilowatts, after deducting the subsidy, the agency pays Rs. 66600 to be paid.

How to apply
Individuals who are willing to set up solar factories can submit their application by contacting the relevant DISCOM or electricity office in their area. Alternatively, contact the relevant DISCOMs for more information or you can obtain information by phone at the MNRE toll free number 1800-180-3333. Also, visit the main page of the company website or contact the toll free number 1912.